There are some sunless tanning applications that are so good that most people don’t actually know the difference. A particularly interesting approach to take is the gradual blending of the tan over a brief period. The reason that you do this is to keep the shock and awe of no tan then big tan away. But that is up to you and whether or not you care about that. Along with tanning tactics, you should make an effort to discover how to protect yourself from common sunless tanning mistakes and here’s what you can do.

Make sure you take the proper (and important) preparatory steps that you need to take before you go in for your airbrush sunless tanning session. Before your session your legs need to be shaved (gently)–but don’t do it the same day, do it the day or evening beforehand. Breaking, cutting and irritating the skin are things that you need to avoid doing. If you do irritate or break your skin, cancel the appointment and rebook it after your skin has healed and start the process over again. If you’re a waxer, you will need several days to let your legs recover before you can go in for your appointment. The process of waxing is quite irritating to the surface of your skin and that needs time to relax and calm down before you should try any tanning on it. Irritated skin often tans unevenly and you really do not want the tanning solution to get into your bloodstream.

There is quite a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to a successful sunless tan. Your regular skin care routine needs to be top notch. The fact is that the higher quality your skin care routine, the higher quality your sunless tan will be. Then you really need to frequent a high quality tanning salon and that is also true for many reasons. Just like any other service, some are better than others, and you’re paying top dollar for them. It’s worth it to pay more money to get higher quality. Maintaining a sunless tan properly takes some research and planning. You want to get the most mileage from it, so that means proper care after the tan.

Approach sunless tanning creams that you intend to apply yourself with a plan. Experience has shown that if you want a proper tan you need to use a segmented approach. The tan is going to look quite a lot more normal when you use it this way. The segmented approach to application means you apply the cream to each arm one at a time, then the legs one at a time, etc. If you want the most even application this is the best way to get it. You’re much more likely to make mistakes if you go from one area to another before you make sure that each part has been finished. If you aren’t yet experienced, you are still working on your technique; don’t worry, your future tans will look better than your first few. To get the best results with sunless tanning, you need to do a little extra. You need to know what to look for in a salon, along with doing a self-application. Just be sure you prepare well and become informed before attempting either one.