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  • Big Changes Coming

    Anyone who has known me for a while knows how much I love computers. Anyone who has known me for a while ALSO knows ever since the internet came into our daily lives, I’ve been thoroughly engrossed in IT. Big changes are coming that I’m going to explain more fully in the next day or […]

  • Protect YOUR Computer with Antivirus Software

    In the computer world today it is necessary to consider that at every second your computer is in danger of being contaminated with an ugly virus. There are lots of ways your computer might become infected from e mail viruses to Trojans. These diseases attach themselves to your software, can cause damage to your hard […]

  • New Antivirus Recommendations – 2014

    We are actually big fans of Avast and MalwareBytes – but we sure might be giving the Avira product a test drive again! Best Free PC Antivirus Software 2014 – Tom’s Guide Tue, 17 Jun 2014 20:15:37 GMT The Fuse JoplinBest Free PC Antivirus Software 2014Tom’s GuideFor Windows PC users, a good antivirus program […]

  • Cryptolocking Ransomware – Good times. Not.

    NOT entertaining. Ransomware. There is an increasing number of customers that call nowadays about ransomware virus attacks on their computers. Knock on wood, only one of our computer repair technicians has truly run across this specific virus in actuality. All others have been the more normal FBI virus variety of malware which can be resolved […]