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  • Helping Your Children Overcome Their Weight Problems

    Millions of children today are either obese or overweight, causing much concern among parents. There are several causes for this problem. Today, it’s easy to buy junk food because they are available in all stores and are rather cheap. Then there’s the fact that most kids today spend many hours on the computer or in front of the television instead of playing outside.

    But it doesn’t matter what caused your child’s weight problem; as parent, you’ll want to help your child. While there is no one easy answer, this article will provide you with some practical recommendations that can help you deal with the problem.

    Avoid giving your child food as a reward for something good he or she has done. Your child will learn to associate the sweets with praises and accomplishments. And you’ll only be encouraging your child to be inactive if you use time in front of the computer or television as a reward. Think of other ways to use as a reward for your child. Consider planning family activities that aren’t just fun, but healthy as well. Make the rewards interesting and relative to accomplishments.

    Setting a good example for your kids is one of the most important ways to teach them a healthy way of life. If you or another family member is struggling with weight, it may be difficult for your child to lose weight. If this is how it is for your family, it’s a good idea to make weight loss a mission for the whole family. This is a wonderful excuse for the family to spend time together and engage in activities that will benefit everyone. When you neglect your own health, you are not setting a good example for your child. Your child is going to follow your lead so if you aren’t showing your child healthy habits, he or she won’t be developing healthy habits.

    Many children today are sedentary, spending hours in front of the television or playing computer games and not enough time engaged in active play. But because electronic devices like computers have become an integral part of modern life, many parents may find it hard to put a limit as to how much their children use these things. Today, computers are very much needed in doing schoolwork. Still, you shouldn’t simply let your child spend most of his or her time sitting in front of the television or the computer.

    Your child may be overweight now, but there is something you can do to help him or her get to a healthy weight. We’ve shared a few strategies you can use to help your child. Don’t hesitate to talk to a pediatrician if you’re not quite sure if your child has a weight problem or if his or her weight gain is just a normal part of his or her development.

  • Bat flying in Chapel Hill home tests positive for rabies

    WRAL NewsA bat found flying inside a Chapel Hill home last Friday has tested positive for rabies, marking the first case of rabies in Orange County this year.

  • Cold air, clouds to linger throughout the day

    Icy Wednesday morningTemperatures were climbing slowly Wednesday afternoon across central and eastern North Carolina, ending the threat of slick roads for at least a few hours.

  • At least 10 killed when prison bus strikes train in Texas

    APTOPIX Fatal Wreck Prison BusEight inmates and two corrections officers died Wednesday when a prison bus skidded off an icy West Texas highway, slid down an embankment and collided with a passing freight train, authorities said.

  • Pomp fills first day of legislative session

    ncga opensDespite icy weather that temporarily delayed the opening of the 2015 legislative session, members of the North Carolina General Assembly took their oaths of office on Wednesday and elected their leaders.