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Raleigh Triangle Local and Business News

  • Raleigh Police to expand, relocate substation in northern Raleigh

    The Raleigh Police Department could soon be moving out of the Litchford Village shopping center and moving its Northeast District Station to a bigger location on Capital Boulevard.

    In a town council committee report, it was noted that the police department’s Northeast District currently serves about 100,000 people and is expected to grow by 33 percent by 2030.

    So, to accommodate that growth and to move the district station closer to its constituency, the city is negotiating a lease contract with…

  • Bank of America to lay off 540 mortgage workers in Charlotte

    Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) issued layoff notices to 540 employees in its Gateway Village mortgage unit on Wednesday.

    The jobs being cut, all located uptown, are related to the bank’s business unit serving customers with past-due mortgages, known as Legacy Asset Servicing, that are eligible for a modification or foreclosure.

    “It’s a really difficult message because the fact that we’ve cut the need for that support thanks to these efforts and an improving economy is a good sign for our company…

  • Lonerider Brewing Co. to replace bottles with cans

    Lonerider Brewing Co. will begin releasing its beers in cans, ditching the brown bottles it currently sells.

    “Cans will start rolling out next week in several markets,” says CEO Sumit Vohra. “We are excited about cans as we see that as the next evolution for us and we unfortunately have limited space at the brewery so we had to decide between cans and bottles.”

    Cans are allowed in many places where glass bottles are prohibited. They also protect beer from light and oxygen seeping in and are more…

  • Mohu CEO: SCOTUS' Aereo decision won't dissuade cord-cutters

    As the Supreme Court brought its shiny gavel down on streaming television startup Aereo, Raleigh’s own cord-cutting pioneer was watching.

    Mohu CEO Mark Buff, whose company develops technology to support cord-cutters – such as indoor antennas and set top boxes that incorporate both over-the-air broadcasts and streaming services such as Netflix – wasn’t happy when the nation’s highest court ruled against Aereo.

    “The reason Aereo existed and became so popular was because it filled a real…

  • ​Duke's new strategy to extract the most interested MBA applicants

    As its MBA applicant pool becomes an applicant ocean, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is employing new software to track a student’s “demonstrated interest.”

    One of the top business schools in the nation, Fuqua is implementing software called Talisma that logs when a student emails the admissions staff or attends an admissions event, allowing Duke to decode which students are most interested in its program, reports Businessweek.

    Thus, students who bombard admissions offices with emails…