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  • Make it stand out in the SERPs

    Get those rich snippets to work to your SEO benefit.  With ajust a few minutes of work, you at least have a shot at getting your pic to show up next to the search engine listing for YOUR company! To the detriment of all that snippety goodness, recent chatter is going around that Google may start […]

  • Dell Computer Repair in Raleigh NC

    Do we do Dells in the Raleigh NC area?  You betcha.  I’ve always personally been a fan of Dell computers since WAY back in mid-90s when I was a systems admin at the near pretty much defunct Nortel.  Back in those days, I was in charge of the technical side of rolling out several hundred […]

  • Local Listings and Schema Markup

    Anyone who follows the Lizardwebs blog (or sees these p […]

  • GeoIP to the Rescue – Control Server Traffic

    I personally am familiar with a lot of the stock Apache […]

  • Benefits of Massage

    fuquay-massageAnyone that has had a body massage can vouch for the positive effects as it leaves you relaxed and invigorated at the same time. However, what many people do not comprehend is that a good massage can do more than just make you feel good right after, it might actually help you improve your quality of life.

    Tight muscles happen for number motives, bad posture, pressure, injury, disease and much more. These tight muscles can make you feel tired and dull but a great massage will help alleviate the tension of the muscles. The massage will help increase circulation that’ll bring more blood and oxygen to the muscles and will also help them get cleared of toxins easier.

    But stressed out muscles are generally the result of a mix of physical and psychological strains along with internal and external variables. If you are stressed out about something, you are probably tensing up your muscles and do not even understand it. Luckily, a good body massage might help work on both these psychological and physical issues.

    By just being in a peaceful dimly lit massage room External stresses can be eased by you. Occasionally there is likely to be soft music playing and sometimes the oil used will generate an aromatherapy effect which may help relax you. As the therapist works in your tensed muscles, you can simply feel the stresses of the day floating away.

    You may discover that your mood is elevated and this can actually help you deal with any new strains you must confront.

    A proper body massage can help increase circulation as a therapist will be working directly on regions where fluids get trapped. These will be the knotted up or stressed places which you feel in muscle tissue. The massage increases the flow of blood to these places, releasing toxins and bringing in fresh nutrients that can help your muscles repair themselves and become reenergized. If you’re interested in a good local massage therapist, the place to go is to for the absolute best!

    One thing that a lot of folks do not think about having a massage is that it may also boost your digestion. Tension in addition to poor circulation can hamper good digestion so if you are massage relieves both these problems afterward your digestive system might respond correctly.

    When you get off the massage table you likely detected that you’ve got an improved range of movement. This happens especially with sports massages where they have gone in for a specific problem to be relieved. Nevertheless, this can be a byproduct of any massage since after you are tightened muscles have been relaxed in your joints happen to be made more limber you find that you suddenly possess a better range of motion.

    massage-therapy-clayton-ncMassage has been found in the East for centuries within an entire health treatment strategy and even in the West were finding that they can help to fight some disorders and illnesses. Oftentimes people who undergo arthritis or those who’ve had surgery often report that featuring massage into the recovery program is quite helpful.

    Another thing about body massage that individuals tend to not think about is the therapeutic ability that comes with contact. Massage therapists know about it and use everything in their tool bag to give you optimum health.