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  • Why Get a Junk Removal Service?

    Junk is inevitable regardless of how much we might want to prevent it, but luckily we are able to eliminate it whenever there’s enough time and resources. Unfortunately, everybody seems to be busy these days that they don’t have time to spare on junk removal. Paying someone to dispose your unwanted items is a brilliant idea. […]

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  • Why Hire a Junk Removal Company?

    Unwanted junk takes many shapes, from lawn debris to early electronic equipment to plain old trash. Without warning, houses colonized by collected trash can become cramped and unlivable, leaving many homeowners asking, “Where did all of this come from?” Thankfully, junk removal companies are experts at uncluttering houses and leaving you with a likewise clutter-free. The whole junk thing – it happens. If you’ve lived anywhere for more than a few years, you’ve probably experienced it already. Even something as simple as a spare bedroom can quickly become the “junk room”.  The guys over at Junk Doctors are EXPERTS at getting your home cleaned out quickly and reliably and have a long record of GREAT service in the Raleigh area and beyond – NC Junk Removal!  Give them a call for anywhere in the Triangle or Triad area or anywhere nearby!

  • A Review from Raleigh Green Gables!

    Junk Doctors has done quite a few jobs for area Professional Organizers. We’ve enjoyed working with Perri the Neat Freak, Cyndi Ratcliffe, Linda Rothman, and Leah Friedman.  Leah was so happy with the service we delivered to one of her clients that she made a blog post about us on her website. Thanks Leah! Check […]

  • How You Can Go Green With Your Energy

    You, as well as many other people, may not really think too much about the environment when you’re using all of your household electronic items. Everything that is done affects the environment. There are things you can do to use green energy at home so you can improve things for the environment. The next few […]

  • Going Green With Electronics: The Definitive Guide

    Caring for the Earth is the responsibility of every single one of us. There are many forms of green energy including solar energy and wind powered energy. Do you want to add some green energy to your life? Keep on reading and find out. During the heat of summer, wear natural-fiber fabrics instead of turning […]